Have you ever wished you could check the status of your software deployments and other PC configuration changes from your smartphone or tablet? Now you can!

Prism MobileTM is a companion app for Prism Deploy that gives you a way to leverage Prism’s power from your iOS and Android devices. Use Prism Mobile to see what’s happening with critical deployments, no matter where you are.  Take timely action to solve problems – or prevent them.  Prism Mobile conveys information about your tasks, their assignments and results, plus details about computers and groups – anytime, anywhere. 

Prism Mobile is powered by Prism Suite, an automated PC configuration management solution that provides complete and automatic control over widely distributed IT networks and mobile workforces. Adding Prism Mobile's powerful troubleshooting capabilities to your installation of Prism Suite will turn your productivity up a notch - whether you're at your desk or on the move!

Can you picture yourself doing this? 

You’re sitting in a long meeting and need to discreetly check on how a critical application deployment is progressing.

It’s 3:00 PM on Friday, and you’d like to find out sooner rather than later if there’s a problem with any of the week’s recent software deployments.

You're helping a co-worker with an issue on her laptop, and you know there's a Package Task in Prism Suite that will fix the issue.

You want to assign it right away without going back to your desk.

You’re at a branch office and want to check if the PCs have the required configuration settings for that branch.

You’re on vacation, but you want to quickly check on a few software deployments and configuration settings.





Prism Mobile handles these situations, and many more!

More benefits...

Prism Mobile consists of three components that work together to give you the ability to manage your Prism Suite channels from your mobile device.

  1. Prism Mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Use search terms "New Boundary Technologies" or "Prism Mobile". 
  2. Prism Mobile web service, which is installed your company's intranet (Microsoft IIS server with ASP.NET enabled). Download the setup file by clicking the Free Trial button below. 
  3. Important Note: The communication between the mobile devices and the Prism Mobile intranet web service is secured using SSL. The IIS server must use an SSL certificate from a valid certificate authority (CA), not a self-signed certificate. 

  4. Prism Deploy or Prism Suite installation (minimum version 13.1), consisting of the Prism server, console, channel database(s) and managed PCs running the Prism client. Download the latest version here

Here's a picture of how the pieces work together:

Prism Mobile Architecture


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Prism Mobile Buzz

"We always have field techs out solving problems at our many sites - we call it "going on rounds." It's the reason we bought iPads for the techs. Prism Mobile allows us to monitor deployments and config groups and to fix any issues as soon as they happen, without having to be logged into the Prism console. Prism Mobile is a fantastic addition to Prism Suite!" - J.P.