RemoteAware™ IoT Platform now available for Digi Connect Sensor

New Wireless Sensor Monitoring Solution for No or Low Power Locations Requires No Additional Infrastructure

Minneapolis, MN – August 25, 2016: New Boundary Technologies today announced it has integrated Digi Connect® Sensor with its RemoteAware Internet of Things (IoT) application platform. The Connect Sensor is a battery-powered, enterprise-ready, cellular gateway solution for wireless connectivity at locations with either no power or low power. In offering a plug-and-play solution, Digi Connect Sensor allows for remote sensor monitoring to be deployed in environments previously considered too harsh, remote or not economically viable.

RemoteAware is a highly configurable enterprise IoT application platform for monitoring a broad range of sensors without custom software development. RemoteAware applications provide customers with a “single pane of glass” view of all their remote assets from any web browser. Costly physical site visits to check asset conditions are eliminated. Users receive text, e-mail and/or voice notifications when an asset requires immediate attention based on user-configurable thresholds for sensor readings.

“We are pleased to add the Connect Sensor to the family of Digi products supported in RemoteAware application,” said Kim Pearson, CEO of New Boundary Technologies. “The Connect Sensor is ideal for applications in oil & gas, agriculture, water & energy, and industrial automation. Combining the Digi Connect Sensor with the New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware application platform provides customers and solution providers with out-of-the-box end-to-end secure solutions.”

Digi Connect Sensor key features include:

  • Flexible power source options: Features a long-lasting, non-rechargeable battery with two to three-year average life, sleep mode to conserve power between sensor readings and the option to power from an external source using the internal battery as backup power. As a result, users have the flexibility to make the device self-powered, or take advantage of existing power supplies, including solar.
  • Cellular choice: For global connectivity, Connect Sensor is available in 3G HSPA+ with 2G fallback. North American users can also choose an LTE CAT 1 version.
  • Supports LTE CAT 1: With support for LTE CAT 1, the band specifically created for IoT and M2M communications, Connect Sensor devices are highly efficient, require less power and are optimized for data transfer.
  • Sensor variety and flexibility: Multiple I/O options and simultaneous connections offer solution flexibility to address multiple sensor-based environments. Connect Sensor can work with virtually any 4/20mA, Analog Out, Digital Out or Pulsed Output sensor, and can power multiple external sensors, eliminating the need for external supplies or batteries.  
  • Enterprise-grade security: Security may be implemented at the device, transport and platform level.
  • Appropriate for harsh environments: Features weather-proof NEMA 4 enclosure to protect sensors from the elements, as well as ATEX Group 2 and UL Class 1 Division 2 ratings.
  • Increased awareness and customized reporting: Integration with Digi Device Cloud provides visibility and centralized management for all Connect Sensor devices; Device Cloud also serves as the platform for sensor data collection.
  • Increased levels of customization: Configurable read/report intervals and customizable alarms provide alerts when sensor value is above or below threshold levels.

New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware application key features include:

  • Remote asset visibility: Responsive web user interface using any browser on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.  No applications to install and manage.
  • Configurable alerts: Receive text, e-mail, and/or voice message alerts when any sensor reading exceeds user-configurable thresholds. 
  • Scalable: No limit on the number of monitored assets and sensors.
  • Secure: Proven, industry standard end-to-end encryption and authentication technologies protect data confidentiality. 
  • Private label applications: RemoteAware applications can be private labeled for solution providers and enterprise customers.
  • Open API: The RemoteAware platform has a simple API for easy integration with back-office systems and 3rd party applications.

About New Boundary Technologies
New Boundary Technologies has been pioneering innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications for more than 30 years. Its RemoteAware IoT platform has provided private label branded solutions for Fortune 500 companies, solution providers and system integrators since 2001. RemoteAware applications are provided as a hosted service, so solution providers and customers don’t need their own IT resources. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities delivers applications quickly with little or no software development required.

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