New Boundary Technologies helps Minnesota organizations find IT energy waste - and stop it

PwrSmart Service cloud app facilitates free energy benchmarking 

Minneapolis, MN – December 7, 2016: New Boundary Technologies is not waiting until 2017 to launch its initiative to help Minnesota companies save money by reducing the energy usage of their PCs and monitors. Using its PwrSmart Service cloud application, New Boundary Technologies performs free energy audits for companies that want to gauge the magnitude of possible savings with centralized PC power management.

“Organizations are shocked when they see the true impact of automated and centralized PC power management,” said Tom Diamond, President of New Boundary Technologies. “Once they realize how many hours per day their PCs are in full power mode when not in use, companies mandate this simple change to immediately stop the waste.” 

The process of benchmarking PC energy usage with PwrSmart Service is straightforward. It employs a simple monitoring technique that doesn’t affect end-user experience or make extra work for the IT staff. Companies don’t need to configure servers, databases or other IT infrastructure, because everything happens in the cloud.

The savings that PwrSmart Service customers have achieved are real, significant and ongoing. For example:

  • A large school district with 2,000+ PCs saved over $200,000 in their first year of using PwrSmart Service to automatically put PCs in a low power state when not in use.
  • A growing Hennepin County city reduced PC energy usage by 59%, resulting in $61 per PC in annual savings - a big win for the city’s budget, its residents and the environment. 

PC power management is a part of many energy saving and certification programs, such as Minnesota GreenStep Cities, the Convention Industry Council’s APEX/ASTM certification, and building energy benchmarking ordinances (as instituted in Minneapolis). Organizations participate to save energy and money, but there’s another reason they do – to burnish their brand. “Being able to tell stories about their good stewardship of all types of resources resonates well with customers, stakeholders, and community,” added Diamond.

Companies may contact New Boundary Technologies to schedule their free energy audit.

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